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automobile pollutionvehicle smoke testvehicle emission testing             Smoke meters,also referred to as opacity meters, detect and measure the amount of light blocked in smoke emitted by diesel engines from cars, trucks, ships, buses, motorcycles, locomotives and large stacks from industrial operations. The smoke meter readout displays the smoke density giving a measure of the efficiency of combustion.This makes the smoke meter an excellent diagnostic tool to ensure proper maintenance of diesel engines for improved fuel economy and protection of the environment.


     .   High end microcontroller technology
     .   Designed to suit Indian extreme voltage conditions
     .   Improved interior design for easy service
     .   Self diagonistic facility
     .   USB and RS232C ports for PC interface
     .   Operable on both AC and DC
     .   Low battery voltage Cutoff
     .   Dual Display
     .   Measures smoke in %opacity and K value
     .   Functions on folded geometry principle
     .   Apt for free acceleration test
     .   RPM and Oil Temperature measurement facility
     .   Suitable for ROAD TESTS using vehicle battery
     .   Automatic Zero and Span calibration
     .   Automotive Blower and Heater Control saves energy automobile pollution

Optional Features

     .   24 column dot matrix printer

Standard Accessories

     .   Sampling Probes
     .   Sampling Hose
     .   RS232 & USB Interface Cable
     .   Battery Cable
     .   Remote with cable
     .   Tachometer with accessories
     .   User Manual
     .   Software CD
vehicle smoke test

Optional Accessories

     .   Printer
     .   Trolley
vehicle emission testing

Technical Specifications

Parameters Principle Range Resolution
Opacity(HU) Light absorption 0-99.99% 0.01%
Opacity(k) Light absorption 0-21.439/m 0.001/m
RPM Piezo based 0-6000 1
Battery based 0-6000 10
OT RTD 0-1500C 10C
Linearity +0.1/m
Zero & span Drift +0.1/m
Repeatability +0.1/m
Response Time Physical:<0.4sec
Smoke Column 215mmLong(430mm folded Length)    
Warm-up time <1min for Electronics& <15min for Smoke coloumns    
Display Type LCD    
Keyboard Membrane KeyPad(3x4)    
Dimension 460x145x275mm    
Weight 8kg    
Power Supply 12V DC+1.2V/100V-270V AC    
Power 75W