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            Exhaust gas analyzers are designed to check CO emissions from any internal combustion engine.They can be used on engines powered by gasoline, propane, natural gas and even diesel fuel.Monitoring exhaust emissions is not only important to help control pollutants,it also helps maintain optimum fuel efficiency and extend engine life.These tools will quickly determine the general health of an engine.These analyzers are fast, accurate and easy to use.


     .   High Reliability
     .   Robust Design
     .   Easy to install & operate
     .   Compact & light weight
     .   Economical & Low maintenance
     .   Measures emission in petrol & Diesel Engines


     .   Designed to conform ISO39390 Standard
     .   High end microcontroller technology
     .   Suits indian extreme voltage condition
     .   Improved interior design for easy service
     .   Integrated self check facility
     .   Self diagonistic facility
     .   Electronic leak check facility
     .   Automatic pump control facility
     .   Automatic zero calibration
     .   Digital span calibration
     .   USB & Rs232c ports for PC interface
     .   Operable on both AC & DC
     .   Display of Lambda/AFR/PEF
     .   Fuel selection Facility-Petrol/Diesel/LPG/CNG
     .   Low Battery voltage cutoff
     .   Gas scrubber for cleaning of impure particles

Optional Features

     .   Measurement of NOx & SOx or any other 2gases
     .   RPM & oil Temperature of the Engine
     .   24 column dot matrix printer
     .   Handheld remote

Standard Accessories

     .   Sampling Probe
     .   Sampling Tub
     .   RS232 Interface Cable
     .   USB Interface Cable
     .   Battery Cable
     .   User Manual
     .   Software CD

Optional Accessories

     .   NOx Sensor
     .   SOx Sensor
     .   RPM Adaptor
     .   RPM Cable
     .   Temperature Sensor
     .   diesel emission testing equipments

Technical Specifications

Exhaust gas analyzer
Parameters Range Resolution Accuracy
CO NDIR 0-15% 0.001% +3%
HC NDIR 0-20000ppm 1ppm +5%
CO2 NDIR 0-20% 0.01% +3%
O2 Electrochemical 0-25% 0.01% +3%
NOx Electrochemical 0-5000ppm 1ppm +3%
SOx Electrochemical 0-5000ppm 1ppm +3%
RPM Battery based 400-10000 10 +2%
OT RTD 0-1500C 10C +3%
Operation Temperature   0-500C    
Measuring Gas Intake   1 ltr/min    
Response Time   <5sec(for sampling probe length of 3m)    
Warm-up Time(>=250C)   < 3min    
Display Type   LCD    
Keyboard   Membrane KeyPad(3x4)    
Zero/Gas Span Callibration   Automatic    
Span Callibration   Digital    
Power Supply   12V DC +1.2V / 100V-270V AC    
Power   25W    
Leak Test   Electronic    
Dimension   300x265x120mm    
Weight   5kg